10 Best Male MTV RW/RR Challenge Cast Members of All-Time

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On June 22nd at 10/9c, MTV is set to kick-off its 21st season of The Challenge.  The Challenge has become such a great show that the Real World has sorta become its minor league system: It’s merely used to figure out who is a reality star, and who simply duped the MTV producers during a few interviews and a self-made 3-minute promo video.  Most importantly, the Challenge has taught us how awesome physical sports can be when we turn a blind eye to steroid and alcohol abuse.  Anyway, here are the best male Challenge cast members of all-time.  And, The Miz, once you become the WWE Champ, you are too big for this list.


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  • Glad to see Brad made it. My second favorite reality moment ever was when Brad was on RW and drunk in the back of a cop car. When the cop said "penal code" into his radio Brad started giggling and said, "Penal code? I didn't pull out no penis, bro."

    DanTello, Would a RW/RR Challenge involving the Saved by the Bell cast be the best thing possible for you?

  • Shouldn't Beth be on this list?

    /fully aware that it's a male list

  • In reply to tony10:

    was she the one who prayed to God before she rode her tricycle off a pier?

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to TRSlyder:

    That was Julie and my favorite moment ever on a challenge "the road to God is straight and narrow" hahahaha

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