Top Five Ways to Win This Must Be The Band's Do-Division Dance Contest (Sunday June 5)


Do you like Talking Heads? Ever going to get to see them play live if you didn’t catch them in ’91 or before? Probably not.  Can you come close and have the best time ever? Yes.  This Must Be The Band (TMBTB), Chicago’s danciest Talking Heads tribute band, has been a thankable sweetheart to all the Heads’ fans who really just never got to see them live, did get to see them live and hope to recreate their experience(s), or music fans in general who appreciate quality talent, recital, showmanship, and good old-fashioned dance parties.  Since starting out together four years ago, TMBTB has performed a variety of Talking Heads favorites including thorough recreations of 1980’s Remain in Light and 1984’s musical film Stop Making Sense, complete with Big Suit & a dead-on David Byrne gifted by TMBTB front-man Charlie Otto.  Incorporating favorites like Crosseyed & Painless, Psycho Killer, namesake This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody), as well as lesser-known cutty-cuts like Swamp and Radio Head throughout their sets, TMBTB strives to broaden our Heads-horizons and “put a wiggle in your stride.”

In fact, on Sunday June 5 at Do-Division street festival’s Leavitt Stage, the very best wigglers will win some sweet bounties including $100 for first prize, and for second and third places,  buckets o’ swag with some fun, small gifts, and a pair of tickets each to their next rendition of Stop Making Sense in September (venue TBA) in the very first TMBTB Dance Contest. Second and Third prizes will also be awarded.  According to Otto, there will be some rules in place to “promote respect and an even playing/dancing field,” which most notably include getting there on time to register (shoot for 7:30 P.M.; sign-up promptly closes at 8 P.M. because that’s when the band goes on and they’re not waiting for your slowass to sign-up, even if your dad’s dog-walker’s nanny had a family emergency), and that you can’t stop dancing. Ever. They won’t stop playing, either; their website even notes that the drummer might die! Oh shit.  Get the man some water.  Oh, and yourself too…get hydrated beforehand.  Even if you need to go get water, beer, or break the seal (over and over again, because that’s not a real thing), you better keep dancing.  Kasey Foster, resident TMBTB dancer/singer, will probably be judging the contest from the stage, but she’ll also have some lackeys in the crowd keeping an eye on contestants to make sure people never stop dancing (pssst even in the port-a-potties. Like, actually inside with you. Creepy right?).  And guys, when I say dancing, I mean…really dancing; no one is winning this thing swaying or rocking back and forth…gotta get on up! How will they know you’re in the free contest?  There will be classic marathon number-tags upon entry, and for a couple bucks you can buy a just-created “This Must Be The Headband”…headband.  Kind of cool to just have anyway.  So dance your booties off and don’t be boring! Do it for the cast of Always Sunny, do it for your dancin soul, or even just because  David Byrne would want you to.  Here’s some tips on how to take home the bacon.

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