Five Rumored Features of the Downtown Casino

Chicago is a city with a lot of problems. We’re broke, our public school system is a mess, gang violence remains prevalent, and our gas prices and taxes are the highest in the country. But nobody cares about that stuff because there could be a casino on its way to downtown. Chicago could be the next Joliet or Hammond, Indiana! And nothing discourages violent crime like copious and conspicuous amounts of money continually changing hands. Who has time to take part in a gang war when there’s casino war to play? People are struggling to feed their families? A few hours of slot play could earn them a free buffet with all the crab legs a growing baby needs. And those are just some of the fabulous aspects we can expect. Here are some other potential features rumored to be a part of Chicago’s impending gambling paradise.
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  • I heard there was going to be an Obama-themed slot where you could gamble "hope". Is that true?

  • 100%.

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    But nobody cares about that stuff because there could be a casino on its way to downtown.
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  • Whatever and however may be the public life messed up in Chicago, one thing for sure the Casino life and gambling is one of the best over there. I have visited this city so many times and never happened a day that I haven't played casino. The authority should take care of the school status and other public life things over there. Otherwise the city is beautiful. Casino Decor Rental

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