5 Signs the Apocalypse Did Happen

A lot of signs point to Harold Camping being wrong about his Doomsday prediction, like the earth isn’t crumbling beneath our feet, Harold Camping is just a senile 89-year-old man, and Megan Fox is still alive.  However, some signs are showing that Harold Camping shouldn’t concede defeat quite yet.  Here at Lists That Actually Matter we noticed the following 5 indicators that it really is hell on earth.


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  • When I was looking on the internet for halloween costumes I saw one that said, "Predator's gay brother" and I was like, "wtf?" then I clicked on it and it was just a Chris Bosh jersey.
    Great H. Camp. reference too.

  • This list is offensive to Germans and scooter riders, most of whom I assume are German. I should smack your face, sir.

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