20 non-spoiler clips to show your friends to convince them to start watching 'The Wire'

So, you love The Wire. Maybe you’re among the few who started watching on HBO back during the first three seasons. Maybe you caught on in 2006 for Namond, Dukie, Michael, and Randy. Maybe, like me, you tuned in right at the end, watching all of the seasons to lead into Season 5. Or maybe you’ve watched the whole show on DVD. In any case, you LOVE IT, and now want to turn every person you know into a Wire devotee.

Only problem is you’re not sure how to show clips without ruining plot points or feeling like you need to explain a million miles of backstory. We’ve all been there: “So, in this clip, a guy named Proposition Joe is trying to get a young gun named Marlo to join the ‘New Day Co-Op’ by convincing Omar, Baltimore’s shotgun-toting Robin Hood, to — what? Oh, the ‘New Day Co-Op’ is a drug organization built by Stringer and Prop to combine assets and efforts in the Baltimore drug game in order to — huh? Oh, Stringer is from the Barksdale crew on the Westside while — oh right. Sorry. The Barksdales are…”

Well, your days of trouble are over! Here at Lists That Actually Matter are 20 spoiler-free clips that you can use to turn your friends onto The Greatest Show in Television History.

(One note. Though these clips are spoiler-free, should your friend begin perusing YouTube, she’ll easily run into some spoilers. So tell her to tread carefully.)

(A second note. This post originally had video, as well it should. After the redesign, the post lost it’s video. I tried to re-insert the video so that you could watch the clips right there in the post, but it didn’t work, so I am re-posting the whole story at ReadJack.com. However, you should know that Lists That Actually Matter is amazing and deserves your respect and attention. Explore it. Love it. Bathe in it. Do it now. Seriously. I mean, the Wire is totally overrated anyways. Lists That Actually Matter matters. I love them.)

(Okay, that’s good.)

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