10 Things Frat Bros Love

After letting the world know what hipsters love, we thought it was time to point out what the hipster’s antithesis loves.  So get ready to keep a close eye on your drink because we are entering Bro-Town, USA, and celebrating the things frat boys love most in this world.  And, no, Dustin from the Real World: Las Vegas, it’s not one of those frats.

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  • I resemble those comments. And it's Hairy Buffalo, not "Jungle Juice".

  • I was in a fraternity and I would say the conformity thing was my biggest issue with it. I was often kind of stuck between the two main groups we had (the preps and the stoner kids) But having a super sweet nickname does make you feel pretty cool, espescially when you show up at a bar and everyone starts yelling it.
    - Your brother in the bond

  • In all honesty, it's pretty fuc$ing sweet to be white, rich, stoned, privileged, horny, and have a job lined up after school. F yeah!

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