The People You See On Public Transportation

In addition to providing citizens with a (usually) easy, (somewhat) affordable and (sometimes) fast way to get around town, public transit also offers the chance to be stared at, sneezed on, and widely and vigorously frotteured. And while you’re more often than not doing your best to avoid contacts both eye and bodily related with the rabble around you on a city train or bus, you’ve definitely at least noticed a few of the following people throughout your public transportation travels.
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  • What about fat people? They're the worst.

  • Yes, this is really a good point and thanks for the article. I have the experience of traveling by bus and I have noticed these things several times. It usually happens in more crowded bus or any bus with more passengers traveling at a time. Mass transit is necessary and it is possible due to public transportation. Bus transportation is one of the best mode of public transportation.

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