25 Best Baseball Mullets

You might look at these 25 men and think that they’re all business. But a simple swing around to the back and you’ll see that they like to party, too. Having already talked about some of the finest facial hair in the business a few weeks back, it would be negligent for us to ignore the top of the head. Especially when you consider the fact that in the world of sports, only hockey can match baseball’s affinity for the mullet. So with opening day just a day or two away (depending on your team), what better time to honor those who best wore the look beloved today by so many, from hillbillies to Canadians to ironic hipsters to ironic Canadian hillbilly hipsters?

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  • This might be the best LTAM yet. The Glavine one is priceless.

  • Might as well be titled Atlanta and Philadelphia run away with the Mullet Crown.

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