6 Commercials I Fu#%ing Hate

At a minimum, commercials should entertain you. At best, they should persuade you. These are neither. In fact, they are so annoying that they deter us from using their products. 


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  • I'll admit that I like the "Serious Dude" Geico commercials. It's the one where the middle-aged woman confronts the gecko that pisses me off. The gecko's facing her while she yelling at him, but then says she thought he was someone else from behind after he says, "I'm not Stanley."

    Fully agree on Juno, but what pisses me off is that the ad campaign was far too devoted with her being so impressed by video conferencing. Even though she's already experienced it in the last 50 commercials.

  • You forgot all the feminine care commercials. They are not only unnecessary (we actually NEED products once per month? What?? How would I ever figure this out without these commercials!) they are gross. Nice list!

  • I wrote this article and I will admit I totally forgot about the "Bird in the hand is worth two in the busch" Geico commercial. I thought that commercial was spit-out-your-food-and-slap-your-knee funny

  • Can I complain about a radio ad here? I can't stand those Dominick's radio ads, the ones with the California girl that does the voice over. (I ranted about it on my blog.) I love your posts. Always fun.

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