Top 5 Most Overrated Parties

Consider this list the antithesis of the opening party in Jason
van der Beek’s greatest piece of work: Rules
of Attraction
.   This Animal House meets Requiem for a Dream dark comedy about college life features one of
the greatest college party themes ever:  “Dress
to Get Screwed Party.”   This list contains
the worst, most overrated party ideas
out there on the party scene.


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  • Thank you! Finally, someone else shares my distaste for ugly Christmas sweater parties. Is there anything more lame? I think not!

    Seriously, thank you.

  • You nailed it with #5 and 4 but dude you totally left out foam parties. I was hoping it was going to be #1. Still a good post though because they're all so true.

  • Perhaps a list of best party ideas since you enjoy shitting on all the other ones? I think your going to the wrong new years eve parties if your alone at 2am.

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