Top 5 Losers in Chicago Sports

Over the past decade Chicago sports fans have been the unfortunate witnesses to far too many losers.  The Windy City has had disappointing losers like Mark Prior (former Cubs Starting Pitcher), Cade McCnown (former Bears QB) and Tyrus Thomas (Former Bulls Forward).  Eventual losers who were believed be great young talents but did not reach their full potential. Chicagoans have also faced the crazy losers such as Milton Bradley (former Cubs sociopath) and quiet losers such as Jerry Manuel (former Sox manager) and Dick Jauron (former Bears head coach).  It’s now time for the 5 biggest current losers in the Chicago Sports landscape. 


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  • Okay list but number 2 is correctly anyone who writes about sports in Chicago while number 1 is obviously anyone who watches, listens or pays to see a Cubs game. You're welcome.

  • Prior was the best 21-year-old pitcher I've ever seen, although Strasburg may have surpassed him this year. To call him a loser is beyond idiotic.

  • You missed the 'ball' here - Soranio over the guy who brought him to town, Hendry? Come on! And ripping on Smith, no way. Thats like blaming your waiter for the prices on the menu...

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