North Coast Music Festival: Hell is Other People- The 8 Types of People that Annoy you at Concerts

A friend got me a Press Pass to the North Coast Music Festival and some VIP treatment at an afterparty. Upon thanking him for the access he told me that I could repay him by making a list on this blog that documented the worst things about the Festival. After inspecting the grounds I found I was really impressed with the execution of this first-time event. Also I am not currently at hipster-caliber in my knowledge of modern music, so I didn’t feel authoritative enough to gripe about the music either.

Luckily, Jean-Paul Sartre taught me years ago that hell is other people. Who among us hasn’t been to a concert and been annoyed by your fellow concert-goers? And have you ever noticed how you can divide just about all of the people that annoy you into about 7 or 8 different groups?


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  • Some time during Nas and Damian Marley's performance some random kid who was clearly feeling pretty amped decides he wants to come up to me and freestyle. He was decent, you know for some random kid, but I couldn't help thinking 'does he do this all the time?'

    He proceeded to throw in a couple of lines about sleeping with me. Needless to say I gave him the stink eye and was tempted to slap him. Once he caught the vibe he said and I quote, "Nah ma, I just can't control what I say when I start." Um, you and I both know you don't talk that way.

    He digs himself a hole, "But for real I've never slept with a black girl before." Me, "Can't help you there."

    Random kid proceeds to play it cool by walking away like he has poop in his pants.


  • Where is the mention of people who stand directly in front of you, completely blocking your view? As a short concert go-er I am always careful to pick my spot so that I can see and am not in anyone else's way, and yet, people who are much taller than me will walk right up, see that I am shorter than them, and then stand right in front of me. Where's the courtesy people? I can't possibly block your view, just stay behind the short people if you're tall and quit being an inconsiderate a--hole.

  • Nothing snide here, just make this quick correction: "Abundently" in number five should be 'abund-a-ntly.'

  • This was a waste of time to read. For someone who is completely annoyed by people who flaunt the fact theyre VIP, this whole blog is nothing but a brag-fest about the author's VIP status. WHO GIVES A SHIT!! I have dreadlocks...does that make me a pothead just because of my hairstyle? no. Its just stupid to sit there and pass judgement on everyone around you that irritates you. Ignore the potheads, the VIP, the people who cant dress, etc. and worry about yourself.

    PS: to Cyan....I'm 5'3" so i always wind up behind the 6'5" person. Not worth it to complain about it. Theres one spot at a concert that you can go to where no one will get in your way....and thats against the rail in the front row. It doesnt make a tall person an inconsiderate a-hole just b/c they found a spot that works for them. No one would be having fun if all they did was worry if everyone else around them can see.

  • Yay, I think I'm sort of mentioned in this article. Except I'm one of those "numerous references to twitter" so I guess it's not a good thing. Oh well, I got to stand in the beer line and chat with the author. I think that almost makes me famous!

    I'll see myself out.

  • As far as #2 goes, Its funny. The guy in purple is actually one of my best friends and you couldn't be more wrong about him. He is from "here" first of all and your assumptions you made about him couldn't be further from the truth. He's a dancer, and a damn good one at that. The flag he wears in his back pocket are how dancers from "here" advertise to other dancers that they are dancers. It has nothing to do with hip-hop or thuggery. Dumb@$$. This guy's also a lady killer. They knock down doors for this guy so he's obviously doing something right ;)

    You mentioned his VIP status and assume that he "knows someone". Yep, him, and that guy talking to him on his left are my parters. We run Day One Event Productions ( here in Chicago. We're doing pretty good for our selves, guy.

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