TOP 30 Nicknames in Recent Major League Baseball History

This list was developed from the following criteria: creativity, humor, and how well-known/familiar the nickname is.  Also, if you fell into the Magic Johnson Rule you were automatically eliminated (Magic Johnson Rule: If your nickname has become your name, and no longer holds any significance as a nickname).  This eliminates such players as Chipper Jones and Woody Williams, but allows players such as Coco Crisp and Boof Bonser to stay because of humor reasons.

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  • Ryan Braun has had a very impressive first four years of his career, but they played baseball during the 1930s, too, and a future Hall-of-Famer named Hank Greenberg was skipping games during Yom Kippur then. Braun has a ways to go before he catches Greenberg.

  • Before this season, Pujols requested that people no longer refer to him as "El Hombre." He said there's only one "Man" and that's Stan Musial.

  • I'd be ok with Harangotan for Aaron Harang. I think Hank Greenberg is still better than Braun (WWII service being the unfair tie-breaker). For Youkilis I go with "pumpy buns" after his oddly-pumpy batting stance.

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