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I am 40

I am 40, and my back hurts. Of course that’s probably because I’ve had back problems for over 10 years. I am 40, and I’m tired. Of course that’s probably because I have rarely had a good night’s sleep since having children. I am 40, and I’m out of shape. Of course that’s probably because... Read more »

An Edgewater birthday with locally sourced gifts

In addition to so much horrible news last week the norovirus spent the week traveling through the gastrointestinal systems of my family. By the weekend my husband and I still weren’t fully recovered, so my birthday celebrations were rather subdued. As someone who prefers her birthday celebrations subdued that was perfectly fine with me. All... Read more »

40 days until my 40th birthday

40 days. It is 40 days until my 40th birthday. 35 weeks ago I started making lists of 40 things each week. I’ve made 35 lists so far. I only have 5 more to go to get to 40 lists. My most recent list is a video gallery of events and popular culture from the... Read more »

List 33: Memories of my thirties

Whenever 29 year olds are freaking about turning 30 I tell them that the 30s are great. Most of us are still finding our way in our twenties. By 30 we have (hopefully) figured out who we are and can get on with life accordingly. I’ve had a lot of adventures and achievements in the... Read more »

List 31: People born in 1973

List 31: People born in 1973
I’m turning 40 this year. Regular readers know that’s why I started this blog. I decided to find out other people born in 1973. That is, people who have or will be turning 40 year. Wowza. I definitely have some great “peers” whose accomplishments make me feel like a slacker for my list of unattainable goals. Here... Read more »