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Stages of grief of my flight getting canceled

It was the day I was supposed to fly back home from Philadelphia where I had been for work. At first, everything seemed to be looking up. I was given TSA Pre on my boarding pass, so I was able to breeze through security without so much as taking off my shoes. I was supposed to depart... Read more »

Airplane etiquette: If you accept a drink voucher do you have to use it?

Last week I was flying for work and ended up in a middle seat. As we were all getting settled, the man in the aisle seat said he had a drink voucher and asked me and the man in the window seat if either of us would like it. Window seat spoke up quickly that... Read more »

A bed to myself

I’m traveling for work this week. I’m staying in a hotel. I get to have a whole bed to myself. I have a bed to myself. I’m not kept awake by my husband’s snoring. I don’t have to deal with one (or both) of my children whining to sleep in my bed only to reward... Read more »

A poem about the TSA based on Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll

For all of you who will be traveling on airplanes this summer here is a little poem about the TSA screening process and airport security. Sadly, it is still applicable years after I first wrote it. Since much of what the TSA does is nonsense, the poem is a nonsense poem based on the most... Read more »