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My top ten under-loved posts of 2012

If you asked three months ago if I would do some sort of year-in-review post I probably would have said that I’d list my top ten most viewed posts. However, since then Halloween and the election happened. Seven of my top ten most viewed posts are about either Halloween or the election. That’s great, but... Read more »

Holiday Reading List

I’ll be enjoying Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with family and friends, and the preparations that go with that. Right now my second cheesecake of the night is in the oven. There will only be one cheesecake to eat tomorrow though. The first one I made got horribly overcooked when I forgot about it while... Read more »

10 Weeks Down, 30 More to Go

I’m a quarter of the way through my project to make lists of 40 items for each of the 40 weeks leading up to my 40th birthday. Since starting this blog I’ve created the requisite 10 lists plus another 10 non-list posts. I’ve even posted one photo gallery. Here are my 5 most viewed posts... Read more »