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Pictures with Santa: My failure as a mother

My parent's didn't have a problem thrusting me into the arms of a strange man in a red suit for the sake of a photo. They even dressed me in my finest 1974 yellow polyester for the occasion.
Pictures with Santa are a Christmas tradition that I haven’t yet mastered. I say I’m going to do them, but they end up neglected like my other examples of holiday underachievement. Photos of kids on Santa’s lap are rarely good. The kids look awkward at best if they aren’t outright screaming and crying. I don’t care.... Read more »

Gallery: Lollapalooza 2012 Day 2 Weather Evacuation

Rumors were circulating even before this message was displayed.
As described in my recap of my first Lollapalooza experience, I had a good vantage point during the weather evacuation and the storm. I only had my phone, but I was able to capture a few key images (and do so without dropping my phone out the window).