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I celebrate Easter, but I'm not a Christian

I celebrate Easter, but I'm not a Christian
I was looking for days to see a couple of children’s shows I want to take the kids to. Our schedules are open next Sunday, but neither show has performances that day. It’s Easter. I’m sure they don’t have shows on Easter out of respect for performers and crew members who celebrate the holiday and... Read more »

The Easter Bunny and the Blair Witch

I am a fan of cheap holiday decorations and party supplies from Oriental Trading Company. I flip through the Oriental Trading catalogs even when I’m not planning a party. Part of why I like to browse Oriental Trading is that some of the stuff is bizarre (at least to me). For example, I thought the... Read more »

Celebrate Easter with a flying Jesus lawn decoration

Easter is an important Christian holiday yet most people celebrate Easter with secular decorations of bunnies and eggs. Christmas at least has both Christmas trees and nativity scenes for those who choose to display them. Where are the Easter decorations celebrating Jesus’ resurrection? Why do you rarely see religious Easter decorations? While on a road trip... Read more »