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Women in tech are done with your bullshit (and we will destroy you)

What is it like to be a woman in tech? You mean other than having people repeatedly ask you, “What’s it like to be a woman in tech?” Ha! Kidding. Sort of. Seriously though, this question has been asked many times before to many other panels just like this. Those women have all said basically... Read more »

I wish to unsubscribe from your newsletter

I wish to unsubscribe from your newsletter. Please confirm that you wish to unsubscribe. Yes. Unsubscribe me. We are sorry to see you go. We will remove you from our list. Please don’t send me anymore emails. Okay. Please remove me from your list. Done. I don’t want these emails. Got it. STOP EMAILING ME.... Read more »

I don't think I'd like you in real life

Hello, internet friend! We’ve had some great virtual times haven’t we? We are both so passionate about that one thing, and it has really brought us together. I look forward to seeing your comments on my posts and being able to comment on yours. Mostly. To be honest, as I’ve started paying closer attention I’ve realized that I’m... Read more »

Alexandra and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Zero-Day Day

This morning I woke up to a text message alert. It was my boss saying a critical vulnerability was announced that impacts our systems. There is no patch to fix the bug, but there are some workarounds. He said everyone needed to go into the office right away. It was only 4 a.m. I could... Read more »

3 classic scary stories ruined by modern twists

What if some classic, short scary stories were given modern twists? I updated three short scary stories that are classics for campfires and slumber parties. First, I’ll list spoiler-filled reminders of the original scary stories. Of course, these classic spooky tales always change slightly depending who is telling them, but here are the general ideas:... Read more »

Do you lie on Facebook?

“My dad died last night.” “Oh, I’m so sorry for your loss.” “What did you say about him?” “When?” “When you prayed for him.” “Well…I guess…” “Did you pray for him?” “I don’t really pray much at all. Nothing against your dad.” “But you said you’d pray. When I posted on Facebook that dad was... Read more »

Refreshing isn't always refreshing

Refreshing isn't always refreshing
I’m working late while it is happening. Oblivious, I get on the train, take out my phone, and look at my Twitter feed. Refresh. Refresh. Refresh. People are saying that TV news wasn’t covering it. That seems horribly wrong but okay for me since I only have my phone. Refresh. Refresh. Refresh. There are pictures. Frightening images... Read more »

It was like the Earth itself gasped

The argument for transparency was always that the only people who have something to hide are criminals, liars, and cheats. Sure people do some things in private because they’re embarrassed for others to see them done, but we were assured that that once everyone was revealed we would realize there is nothing to be embarrassed... Read more »

The Selfie of Dorian Gray

This weekend I’m at BlogHer ’14, and the theme is #selfiebration. This is a selfie-themed bit of Fiction Friday flash fiction although it is rather the opposite of the vibe being celebrated at BlogHer. It was inspired by this tweet: *book cover* RT @GWest_13: The selfie of Dorian Grey #HipsterBooks — darth™ (@darth) April... Read more »

Vacation or Dead?

“So what do you think: vacation or dead?” “This is messed up.” “Come on. Her last post was 6 days ago. Normally she posts every few hours. At least. So do you think she is on vacation or she died?” “If you find out she did actually die you’ll feel bad for joking about it.”... Read more »