I was on the Women Killing It! podcast

I was on the Women Killing It! podcast

In case you missed the shameless self-promoting I did on Twitter and Facebook, I was interviewed for an episode of the Women Killing It! podcast. I talked about balancing my day job and my writing. I also talked about the challenges of working with men, and I shared some advice from a mentor (that long time readers may recognize since I’ve written about it.) You can listen to the episode using any of these links:

My interview is episode 82.

When I was asked to the do the show I was flattered but also a bit self-conscious. After all, am I really “killing it?” I looked at some of the past guests: several CEOs, a social justice lawyer, a bestselling author, the producer of the “Bad Moms” movies. How can I put myself next to women with those types of achievements?

Ah, yes. Imposter syndrome, now in podcast form.

Luckily, host Sally Hubbard was as supportive of my achievements as I am satisfied by them. I don’t want to be a CEO (although I’ll admit that being a bestselling author doesn’t sound like a bad gig). I’ve defined success as the ability to do many different small things rather than specializing on larger accomplishments in a single area. It was nice to have that celebrated, and I hope that by sharing my story I’ve helped other women that they may indeed be killing it even if their achievements don’t align with traditional ideas of being successful.

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