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Don't just "Look for the helpers." Be one.

The flooding and destruction caused by Hurricane Harvey has revived what has become a classic social media cliche in the wake of a disaster: The Mr. Rogers’ quote, “Look for the helpers.” The sentiment is usually paired with images of professional or amateur emergency responders in action. The messages are hopeful. They say even though... Read more »

Pictures from a weekend without my husband and kids

I went window shopping in Andersonville and bought myself an ice cream cone that I didn't have to share with anyone. That's cake batter fudge on a pretzel cone. Yes, a pretzel cone. Those beautiful crystals are salt, not sugar.
On Saturday morning I dropped off my husband and kids at the airport and began a weekend on my own. I can’t remember the last time that happened. Sometimes they go to a movie, which gives me a few hours on my own. Yes, I travel for work, but being alone away from home is... Read more »

Highlights from five years of writing for ChicagoNow

I missed another milestone anniversary. In addition to missing my 10 year anniversary of living in Chicago, I also missed my five year anniversary of writing this blog. Since July 2012 I’ve published 663 posts here. These are 10 of my favorites: Personal I sexually harassed my NSA polygrapher – Some people don’t believe this story is... Read more »

America: Here there be Nazis

As you can see by the blinking “You Are Here” arrow on this interactive map, you are inside the United States of America. Warning: Here there be Nazis. This most recent update to this application has included this as a standard warning for all points within the United States. The color of the warning indicates... Read more »

I thought I'd have a lot more wrinkles by now

I thought I'd have a lot more wrinkles by now
When I was 30 I was in a production of The Dresser by Ronald Harwood. Actually, before that I was in a production of The Dresser when I was 21. The first time I played Irene, a young aspiring actress. But this is a story about my second production, when I played Madge, the lead character’s... Read more »

The mysterious disappearance of the woman in seat 26B

I am writing this in the air. I’m on my second flight today still trying to make it home after yesterday’s flight cancellation. I am very happy to be in the air. We spent half an hour sitting on the tarmac with our engines off due to weather delays. I was afraid I was going to... Read more »

Stages of grief of my flight getting canceled

It was the day I was supposed to fly back home from Philadelphia where I had been for work. At first, everything seemed to be looking up. I was given TSA Pre on my boarding pass, so I was able to breeze through security without so much as taking off my shoes. I was supposed to depart... Read more »