I got all my work stuff done this week!

Woohoo! I actually got all my work stuff done this week. I had a lot of things to do to meet some important deadlines, and I got it all done!

I wasn’t sure I’d make it. Despite having very productive days, my to do list kept ending up longer at the end of the day than it had been at the beginning. Argh! Still, by the end of Thursday I could see the light at the end of the tunnel, and I was able to wrap up what I needed to today.


 Of course, I still have a long list of non-work-related to do items that I need to get done this weekend, but I am choosing to ignore those for the evening. (Although one thing I needed to do was write a blog post, which I’m taking care of by writing this on my commute home. BOOM!) 

It is a beautiful day, and I am heading home with zero plans to log into my work computer until Monday morning.

I hope you got your stuff done for the week, but even if you didn’t, I hope you can take a break. If you feel even half as frazzled as I did this week you definitely deserve it.

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