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2017 goals: Living more in the real world

2017 goals: Living more in the real world
I tend to live in my head. I am an analyst and writer with an overactive imagination. I also live in the digital space. I’m an information security specialist and blogger with a mild Twitter addiction. For a long time jumping between the worlds in my head and the worlds in my screens was fine,... Read more »

2016: A year in which I fell short

Each year I make an uber list of my goals for the year. I don’t always meet every goal, but I usually meet most of them. Not this year. This year I fell short on almost every goal I set for myself. I started well but didn’t finish (strong or otherwise). Of the 13 goals... Read more »

Santa Claus is Coming to Town: New Version Just for Moms!

You better watch out, you better not cry, You better not shout, I’m telling you why: Santa Claus is coming to town. It’s not just the kids. He sees their parents too. He knows all those things that moms sometimes do. Santa Claus is coming to town.   He sees you when you’re yelling or staring at your phone.... Read more »

Love Song with Armageddon

Hold me in your arms as we watch the world burn. Kiss me to the edge of the apocalypse. Touch me like I’m the last you’ll ever touch. Touch me like I’ll never be touched again. Just touch me. Feel my heart, and let me know I’m alive. Seduce me with whispers of could-have-beens. Tell me we have... Read more »

A letter to Santa from Trump's America

Dear Santa, We’ve been naughty. We elected a woman-degrading, racist-appeasing, megalomaniac to be President of the United States. There are many reasons this happened some understandable, some vile. I wouldn’t blame you for removing the United States from your Christmas Eve flight plan altogether this year, but just in case you decide we are worthy of... Read more »

I don't think I'd like you in real life

Hello, internet friend! We’ve had some great virtual times haven’t we? We are both so passionate about that one thing, and it has really brought us together. I look forward to seeing your comments on my posts and being able to comment on yours. Mostly. To be honest, as I’ve started paying closer attention I’ve realized that I’m... Read more »

Everyone else in my house has been sick

It started with my boy. Nothing too disgusting. A high fever and achiness. When his fever remained high even while taking medication we consulted the pediatrician. The doctor said my son just needed to let the fever run its course. He also warned that this thing my boy had was going around and was highly contagious.... Read more »