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Why must Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas be close together?

My Halloween preparations began in mid-September, although I’d been thinking about it for longer. That’s when I started finding pieces for my daughter’s Princess in Black costume, deciding on my own costume, and trying to find the best deal on a Boba Fett costume for my son. I also bought some new Halloween decorations and... Read more »

Works for me: Giving myself a break sometimes

I foolishly started a new blog series Works for Me Wednesdays right before a holiday week. I actually thought of that when I started it, but I didn’t want to wait two weeks. Now, here I am with a lot on my pre-holiday to do list, and no second post for my brand new series.... Read more »

Merlot Night, remembering a friend

This is a picture of my friend Bev. Here are three things about her. One: Bev smoked a lot. Virginia Slims. They are what killed her. Two: Bev loved to wear dresses and high heels. Sometimes even in blizzards. And, three: Bev drank Merlot. This last detail is notable not because she drank in excess but... Read more »

Draw your chair up close to the edge of the precipice and I’ll tell you a story

One of my favorite quotes was written by F. Scott Fitzgerald: “Draw your chair up close to the edge of the precipice and I’ll tell you a story.” It is from The Crack-Up, which also includes a section called “Turkey Remains and How to Inter Them with Numerous Scarce Recipes” containing absurd, seasonally-appropriate recipe suggestions... Read more »

Works for Me: Sticky Note To Do List

This is the first post in a new series I’m calling “Works for Me Wednesdays.” On most Wednesdays, I’ll share tips, products, and services that work to make my life easier, entertaining, or somehow better. I’ll start with my to do list strategy. As I’ve gotten older I have more things to do and less... Read more »

Starbucks is for coffee, not for validating my choice of holidays

Starbucks is for coffee, not for validating my choice of holidays
Some people are upset because Starbucks Red Cups are not adorned with specific Christmas images this year. A simple design choice on a particular piece of seasonal landfill fodder has been declared part of the alleged “War on Christmas” and has been met with comments that don’t embody the spirit of the holiday people claim... Read more »

I'm in a show! I'm in a book!

While I was busy publishing pieces of The October Diary, I was also accumulating some news that I finally have a chance to share. I’m telling a story in a live show next week, and one of my blog posts was published in a book! Let me tell you about them! Let me use exclamation points!... Read more »