October 31: Not the Last Page

October 31: Not the Last Page

The October Diary is a work of fiction that was released serially during October 2015. This is the final installment. Unless you are a fan of spoilers, you shouldn’t read this until you have read all the entries as listed here.

October 31st

Today I will die, but if the witch told the truth, this will not be the last page I will write.

What? That was it? And what did it even mean?

I stared at the page. Her life had ended too abruptly and so did her story.

I was angry. I picked up the book to throw it but felt guilty when I felt it in my hands. I set it down gently.

I ran my fingers over my mom’s final words, then, I’m not even sure why exactly, I slowly turned the page.

On that page that should have been blank there was another entry, and the date was not October 31st or even November 1st of the year my mom died. It was that day. The exact month, day, and year that I was reading that page.

Today my daughter learns that I am still here. You’ll write to me, darling, won’t you?

I looked behind me as if someone was there playing a trick.


No answer.

So, I found a pen and started to write. I told her I missed her. I told her about my life. I asked her about her death. I asked her about my dad. It felt good to write to her. I wrote to her that night and every night since.

She always writes back.

Today I will tell her about the dreams I’ve been having. Nightmares actually. Of a Man with a Shadow Voice. I will finally tell her this because today I saw the same man on the street corner outside my office window. When he saw me looking, he smiled.

*     *     *     *

Thank you for reading The October Diary. I hope you enjoyed it. I also hope you will stick around now that it’s over.

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