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40 Halloween things to do (before October 31st)

Halloween is too much fun to only celebrate for one day. Luckily, you don’t have to wait for October 31st to celebrate Halloween. Here are 40 Halloween things to do to get in (or stay in) the Halloween mood while you are waiting for the big day. Shop for costumes. Shop for decorations. Go to... Read more »

Listing Toward Halloween presents The October Diary

Listing Toward Halloween presents The October Diary
I’ve converted my blog to Listing Toward Halloween for the past two Octobers. I’ve featured guest posts and self-written pieces about or inspired by many aspects of Halloween. Publishing Halloween posts is fun, but I wanted to do something different. This year Listing Toward Halloween presents The October Diary, an original fiction story that will... Read more »

A Halloween scavenger hunt list for you

Soon Halloween decorations will start appearing on people’s houses. Why not have a Halloween scavenger hunt to add to the fun at looking at decorations? Compete with friends and family to see who can find everything on the list first, or work together to see how many of each item you can find. Here is... Read more »

Halloween on my block is already spoiled this year

I love Halloween. The main reason that I love Halloween is that the people in my neighborhood, and specifically the people on my block, love Halloween and celebrate in big ways. I’ve written about how we get over a thousand trick-or-treaters. I’ve written about what it’s like adjusting to life in a Halloween destination neighborhood.... Read more »

A second bag of pretzels

The plane was delayed, which I’ve come to expect. This delay was particularly unfortunate since it meant I was now going to be in the air for dinnertime. That’s okay. Whiskey is a fine entree, but every entree needs a side dish. I was thankful to be flying one of the few airlines that still... Read more »

Remember what was easy, not just what was hard

I took the CISA exam last weekend. After the more than 2 hours it took me to answer the 200 questions my instinct was to leave, but I stuck around for another hour anyway to review my answers like people recommend. I’m glad I did. The reason people typically review their test answers is to... Read more »

Self-affirmations for world domination*

ARE YOU READY FOR WORLD DOMINATION*? REPEAT AFTER ME: I’m kind of a big deal. No, I’m more than that. I am enough. No. More. I am important. Yes. I am the real deal. Yes! I’m fabulous. Absolutely! I am the one. I’ve got the power. I will not be defeated. I can’t stop, and... Read more »

My top eight CISA exam anxieties

Next week I take the Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) exam**. A lot of people have told me I have nothing to worry about, that I should have no problem passing the exam. When I told some coworkers that I’ve started doing 100 practice questions a night they said I’d “definitely be fine.” I didn’t... Read more »