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The band didn't play my favorite song

We saw TV on the Radio on Monday. They didn’t play my favorite song. They played my second favorite song. It was a great show. They just didn’t play my favorite song. They didn’t play the song my husband put on the first mix he made for me when we were dating, the song we... Read more »

My employer thinks I'm a man

My employer thinks I’m a man. No, my boss doesn’t think I’m a man nor do my coworkers. (Well, I don’t think they do.) My employer as an entity thinks I’m a man, or at least our human resources system thinks I am. I first discovered this gender incongruity when trying to enroll for benefits.... Read more »

The best career advice I ever received: Don't be essential

The best career advice I ever received came from a mentor I had more than 15 years ago. Her advice was a bit counter-intuitive. She told me that if I want to be able to take advantage of the best career opportunities I should make sure to not let myself become essential in my current... Read more »

How a Fourth of July party with a midwife changed my life

Shortly after I moved to Chicago I went to see a friend’s band play. When I walked into the bar an incredibly short, incredibly cute woman bounced over to me and said, “HI! YOU MUST BE KIM! I AM SO HAPPY YOU ARE HEEEEEERE!” Then she hugged me. I had no idea who she was.... Read more »

Donna Day: Every 3 minutes a child is diagnosed with cancer

Thirteen days ago I received an email with the subject line “sad news.” In it a friend told me that his sister, who I know, had given birth to a son the previous Sunday, but Luke was born with a massive brain tumor and died one day later. The “sad news” promised in the subject... Read more »

(Far fewer than) fifty shades of inappropriate movie crushes

(Far fewer than) fifty shades of inappropriate movie crushes
Since the movie Fifty Shades of Grey was released there has been a lot of talk online about whether the film and book depict a healthy BDSM relationship or abuse. I can’t say much about that since I haven’t seen the movie or read the book, but even if Fifty Shades of Grey depicts abuse I can’t really criticize... Read more »

The Squirrel Truth is out there

I first heard about Squirrel Truth when my husband was listening to Mike Pesca’s The Gist podcast. Ben Larrison was talking about buying silly ads on the CTA’s Red Line, and my ears perked up. I ride the Red Line. I like silly things, particularly those involving squirrels. I immediately began looking for Squirrel Truth... Read more »