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I love fall

I love fall
I love fall (or autumn, if you prefer). I love pumpkin bread and stew. I love tea and hot chocolate. I love going inside and watching trashy TV while sitting under a blanket. I am not hiding. That is what people do in the fall. The days get shorter in fall. Some people complain about... Read more »

Listing Toward Halloween starts in one week!

It’s baa-ack! In one week Listing Beyond Forty will again become Listing Toward Halloween. During the month of October I will feature posts related to or inspired by Halloween, including costume ideas and spooky stories. Over the next week I will start transforming the site to its Listing Toward Halloween design. The first Halloween post will go live... Read more »

Frozen leggings let Elsa keep an eye on your crotch

I was casually browsing Amazon for Halloween goodies when I spotted an item called “Dear-lover Women’s Frozen Elsa Print Legging Tights One Size.” These are leggings that put Elsa from Frozen right next to your crotch. Take a look. I like the movie Frozen, but I’m not sure this is most flattering way to show my... Read more »

Do you lie on Facebook?

“My dad died last night.” “Oh, I’m so sorry for your loss.” “What did you say about him?” “When?” “When you prayed for him.” “Well…I guess…” “Did you pray for him?” “I don’t really pray much at all. Nothing against your dad.” “But you said you’d pray. When I posted on Facebook that dad was... Read more »

The creepiest scene I can imagine

A woman is asleep in bed. She twitches a bit, brushing her arm with her other hand. She shifts and continues to sleep. Again her arm twitches. She is more awake this time. She feels something on her arm. She anxiously brushes it off then turns on the light. On the blanket is a house... Read more »

Bats flying into plywood: The business school lesson I remember most

It has been 15 years since I earned my MBA and almost 20 years since I earned my bachelor’s in information systems from the same business school. Since then I have forgotten a lot of detatils from classes like Finance, Economics, and COBOL programming. There are, however, lessons I remember. One of those happens to... Read more »

I hate not being able to see your face

I’ve always been bad at faces. You know that. I heard a thing on NPR about some mental illness where people can’t even recognize the faces of people in their family. No, not Alzheimer’s. Some face-recognition specific thing. Anyway, I’m not that bad, but I’m pretty bad. Like I can spend an hour talking to... Read more »