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Poll: When is it acceptable to start decorating for Halloween?

It’s Labor Day weekend in the United States. Some people consider this to be the official start of the fall season and therefore an acceptable time to start decorating for Halloween. Others still consider this to be too soon. What do you think? Please take this quick poll. Once again this blog will transform into... Read more »

The LinkedIn Gift of the Magi

“It’s good to see you.” “You, too. I can’t believe it’s been three years.” “I know. I was glad to hear from you. I really needed a happy hour this week, too. Work has been a bear. We’re way understaffed. We’ve had four positions open for months.” “Good. I mean, bad about being understaffed.” “Yeah.”... Read more »

Hello Kitty, my daughter, and me

My daughter likes Hello Kitty. That doesn’t make her particularly unique among three year old girls. I liked Hello Kitty as girl. That doesn’t make me unique among moms. Of course, when I was a little girl you couldn’t just go to a nearby Target or Old Navy to get Hello Kitty stuff, and not... Read more »

How to unshrink clothes

I followed a tip I saw on Pinterest, and it worked! Hard to believe I know. I had a dress that I wore once, washed, and (oops!) dried only to find out that it had shrunk. Desperate, I followed a tip on Pinterest figuring I didn’t have much to lose. I was thrilled when it... Read more »

Violet: A 100-word horror story

Frankenstein created a monster too. His monster wasn’t really a monster. He was misunderstood. Perhaps that’s true of Violet also, but that’s little comfort when your scream is being gagged by a realistic, child-sized fist being shoved down your throat. I make dolls for extra money and to keep busy on empty widowed nights. I... Read more »

#Ferguson shows the strength of Twitter as a news source

I know a lot of people who don’t “get” Twitter. Fine. There are a lot of things that other people do that I don’t “get” either, like running. However, whenever a breaking news event occurs I am incredibly grateful to have Twitter. The recent events in Ferguson, Missouri are a good example of this. Here... Read more »

Refreshing isn't always refreshing

Refreshing isn't always refreshing
I’m working late while it is happening. Oblivious, I get on the train, take out my phone, and look at my Twitter feed. Refresh. Refresh. Refresh. People are saying that TV news wasn’t covering it. That seems horribly wrong but okay for me since I only have my phone. Refresh. Refresh. Refresh. There are pictures. Frightening images... Read more »

Book review: The Circle by Dave Eggers made me want to puke (in a good way)

Reading The Circle by Dave Eggers made me want to puke. My nausea was not induced by graphic violence or other gross descriptions. I was sickened by Eggers’ detailed descriptions of a dystopia that felt too real. The Circle is not about your typical dystopia where water, gas, and other resources are scarce and people kill... Read more »

It was like the Earth itself gasped

The argument for transparency was always that the only people who have something to hide are criminals, liars, and cheats. Sure people do some things in private because they’re embarrassed for others to see them done, but we were assured that that once everyone was revealed we would realize there is nothing to be embarrassed... Read more »

How I became an Amazon ebook author without knowing it

I googled myself. Inspired by boredom and narcissism I not only googled my current self, but I googled my former self. I googled my maiden name. I didn’t expect to see anything I didn’t already know about: old theatre reviews, my master’s thesis, my sole IMDB credit. Instead, I was shocked to find that I... Read more »