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Licensed to kill time

This is part of my Fiction Friday series. I kill time. I kill time all the time. I am a serial killer of time. I strangle it with stupidity. I butcher it with bitchiness. I slaughter it with silliness. I vanquish it with vapidness. I clobber it with clicks. I torture it with trolls. I murder it... Read more »

What was the last thing you put on?

At a junior high party I was duped by a game in which I was told to put a sheet over myself then take off the last thing I put on. I started with my shoes, but as I tossed each item out from under the sheet a bunch of giggling girls said, “Nope. That’s... Read more »

The magic of a good neighborhood

Saturday was the opening of Maddiebird Bakery in Edgewater. The opening was a must do since we know the owners. What made the day even more thrilling was happening to be there at the same time as Old Single Mom, Mary Tyler Mom, and some parents from my son’s school. That’s the magic of a... Read more »

Sometimes I forget myself

This is part of my Fiction Friday series. Sometimes I forget myself. I forget that I’m often lonely and frequently sad. I forget that I’m at least 20 pounds overweight. I forget that I no longer dye my hair just to do “something different” and now do so out of the obsessive necessity to cover my gray... Read more »

What's the most practical survival skill?

I asked the Internet “What’s the most practical survival skill?” The responses I got were too good not to share. Choose to ignore these life skills at your peril. What’s the most practical survival skill? From Facebook (If you haven’t liked my page on Facebook do so here): Know where your food comes from (Edd Fairman) Wear... Read more »

Superlatives are the absolute worst

I’m pretty generous with liking things on Facebook. Because Facebook measures “interaction” in order to decide whether people should see things in their newsfeeds I feel like if I am one of those chosen few who sees your post the least I can do is click a little button to encourage Mr. Zuckerberg to allow others to... Read more »

20 more two-sentence horror stories

I recently saw a list of two-sentence horror stories that have been circulating on the Internet. Most appear to have come from this reddit thread in which someone asked “What is the best horror story you can come up with in two sentences?” People posted some really creepy ones. I decided to see what I... Read more »

Listen to Your Mother Show: Be careful what you wish for

I am honored to have been selected for the cast of Listen to Your Mother Chicago 2014. I’m honored and nervous but perhaps not for the reason others in the cast may be nervous. I’m not nervous about being on stage. I’ve been doing theatre on and off for more than 30 years. I’m more... Read more »

Bad responses to a job interview question: 13 variations on a theme

Below are 13 possible answers to a common job interview question. I don’t recommend you use any of them. “Describe a time when you were challenged.” 1. What does that have to do with anything? 2. Describe a time when I was challenged? By a “job?” Please. Nothing so banal as a mere job can... Read more »