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Being an introvert at a job fair sucks

I went to a job fair. I had hoped it wouldn’t come to this, but I’ve been applying for jobs and doing interviews for months with nothing to show for it. I couldn’t rule anything out even if a job fair is pure hell for an introvert like me. Why a job fair is torture... Read more »

Digital afterlife: I see dead people (in my Twitter feed)

I saw a tweet from Roger Ebert this morning, which seemed odd since he died in April. This wasn’t the first postmortem tweet I’d seen from Roger Ebert. His wife Chaz has been managing his account. Still, the name on the tweets is “Roger Ebert,” which I find disconcerting. If a person becomes a social... Read more »

Mad Men finale: Online streaming saved me from spoilers

This Mad Men finale post doesn’t contain any spoilers. If you are looking for a plot recap of the Mad Men finale for season 6 “In Care Of” there are plenty of other places you can look. (Of course, I especially recommend you read Tom & Lorenzo’s Mad Style post on Wednesday.) This is not a... Read more »

North West: Kim and Kanye chose a great baby name for the digital age

Kim and Kanye have allegedly named their daughter North West. Once the Internet broke news of the Kim Kardashian and Kanye West baby name the typical celebrity baby name judging exploded online. As a data privacy specialist I applaud Kim and Kanye’s baby name choice. North West is a not a bad baby name in... Read more »

Chicago Reader's Best of 2013 features many Edgewater area picks

The Chicago Reader’s annual “Best of Chicago 2013” reader’s poll results have been revealed. Although part of the fun of these lists is discovering places you’ve never heard of, it is also nice to see businesses you enjoy getting public recognition. That’s why I was thrilled to see so many Edgewater and Andersonville businesses on... Read more »

Eight children's TV theme songs that become parental earworms

Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood Theme Song<br><iframe width="500" height="281" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe><br>Won't you ride along with me? (Ride along!)
Articles warning about the dangers of too much screen time for children overlook one of the dangerous side effects of letting kids watch a lot of TV shows. Children’s TV theme songs can very easily become earworms that keep playing in parent’s heads hours or even days after the last viewing of that particular show.... Read more »

Manual Cinema and Theater Oobleck animate at the Pivot Arts Festival

Two unique, dark and captivating shows are being performed at the Pivot Multi-Arts Festival through June 16, and they are conveniently paired together in as a single ticket. Manual Cinema’s Ada/Ava and Theatre Oobleck’s Possession: Baudelaire in a Box, Episode #5 each utilize methods of manual animation giving both shows an old-school cinematic feel. This is... Read more »

Five reasons you should care about the NSA and privacy issues

Privacy issues have been in the news a lot recently, but a lot of people don’t seem to care. A survey from the Pew Research Center concluded that 56% of American’s view the government’s tracking of phone records as “acceptable.” Why should people care about privacy issues, particularly if they have nothing to hide? Here... Read more »

Tony Awards highlights from Neil Patrick Harris, winning musicals and more!

Opening Number<br><iframe width="500" height="281" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe><br>As usual Neil Patrick Harris proves he is a truly talented showman.
Staying up to watch the Tony Awards last night was well worth it for me. Below is a video gallery featuring some of my favorite Tony Awards highlights, including numbers from the best new musical (Kinky Boots) and best revival of a musical (Pippin). Of course, there are also a few numbers from brilliant host... Read more »

Tony Award winners: Ladies make history and Chicago shows win

Among the 2013 Tony Award winners were some history makers, largely women. Cyndi Lauper, Pam MacKinnon, Diane Paulus, and Patina Miller each broke barriers for women in theatre. Meanwhile Kinky Boots and Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? both of which originated in Chicago won top awards for best musical and best revival of a play,... Read more »