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Ten great Neil Patrick Harris award show moments

This year will mark Neil Patrick Harris' 4th time hosting the Tony Awards and 2nd time hosting the Primetime Emmy Awards. <br>Photo credit: <a href="">Capital M</a> / <a href=""></a> / <a href="">CC BY-NC-ND</a>
Neil Patrick Harris is hosting the 2013 Tony Awards! Neil Patrick Harris is hosting the 2013 Primetime Emmy Awards! It’s like Christmas in June and again September! I firmly believe that Neil Patrick Harris is the best award show host and should be invited to host everything. I know that a lot of people are... Read more »

A gallery of old technology: Do you remember TRS-80?

The first computer that my parents bought looked like this.
Old technology made big news recently when an Apple-1 computer sold for the equivalent of more than $500,000. The Apple-1 came out in 1976, which was just a few years before my parents bought our first home computer although ours was not an Apple. My first computer was a TRS-80, a computer brand from Radio... Read more »

10 lessons from a broken water heater, or how I spent my holiday weekend

My basement is leaking from every orifice. We had no problems when Chicago flooded a few months back, but now it is water water everywhere. At the beginning of the month there was a leak from where our furnace, central air and humidifier are clustered together. Due to an initial misdiagnosis that still hasn’t been fixed,... Read more »

Click on these time wasters while you wait for the weekend

Click on these time wasters while you wait for the weekend
It’s hard to stay focused on the day before a long weekend. If you are letting your mind wander as you watch the clock, consider delving into these top time wasters from my blog archives. Each time killing post is full of embedded videos and links  to other content that are guaranteed to help you get through... Read more »

2 must have Android apps, both are free

2 must have Android apps, both are free
I recently got a new phone which means having to reconfigure everything to be just the way I want including re-adding all my favorite apps. Of course there are some apps that are no-brainers (Twitter, Facebook, Words with Friends), but I also loaded two must have Android apps that are incredibly useful even though I... Read more »

3 odd encounters: Are these bird omens or just weird coincidences?

I’m a very practical, logical person. I don’t believe in omens. Still, I must admit that the fact that I’ve had unexpected bird sightings before each of my last three job interviews strikes me as odd. Should I try to decode these events as bird omens or just dismiss them as odd coincidences? The Dead... Read more »

Kevin Williamson throws a cell phone, Twitter responds to a vigilante

There has been an outpouring of support for Williamson's actions, but his vigilantism is not without his detractors. The following are some of this theatre critic's mixed reviews on Twitter.
Kevin D. Williamson is a correspondent for The National Review and a theatre critic for The New Criterion. It is in that second capacity that he attended a production of the new musical Natasha, Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812 earlier this week. Often critics are billed as the villains of the artistic world, but... Read more »

Choosing a major: A scrunchy-wearing teenager chose my career

A teenager chose my career. She had permed hair that she frequently pulled back in a scrunchy. She had an inexplicable number of shoulder-baring shirts. She was not a trained guidance counselor. After choosing to go to business school because of a Judd Nelson movie, she chose my major based largely on one consideration: Easy classes... Read more »

How to be computer literate in one simple step

Although we live in a world where kids start using iPads practically from birth, there are still plenty of adults who are intimidated by computers. If you are not are one of them you likely know someone who is. A relative? A friend? Your boss? In an effort to help I am revealing the secret... Read more »

Mad for Mad Style: Why AMC Mad Men fans should read Tom & Lorenzo

If you are a fan of AMC’s Mad Men and you don’t read Tom & Lorenzo you are missing out on half the fun. Tom and Lorenzo are fashion bloggers. They also do recaps of a number of TV shows, but for Mad Men they go one step further. In addition to posting Mad Men... Read more »