My Lie is Revealed

A few days ago I posted 39 truths and a lie, challenging people to identify which statement about me is not true. As promised, I am now revealing the lie. I am going to do so below. That means this post is a major spoiler for the other one, so if you haven’t read the original post you should go and do so now. It’s right here.


Are you ready now?

Did you make your guess?

Here we go.

A few people posted guesses on the post, on Twitter, on Facebook and even on Google+. None of those guesses were right including the one from my mom.

The untruth is #31. I’ve never ghost written a book with a professor or otherwise. (I added that trailing detail to make it seem more likely to be true. I’m a sneaky one.)

I hope that if I ever take the time to author or co-author a book that I will get the satisfaction of seeing my name on it. (In fact, a number of ChicagoNow writers have done that, which is why there will be a ChicagoNow author’s night at the Book Cellar on December 6th at 7 pm. Details are here.)

Now that my lie has been revealed I’ll give you one more truth: I really want to help kids and families in need this holiday season. Please help me by contributing online or dropping off a new, unwrapped toy at Bikram Yoga Midwest (5715 N Clark, Upstairs).
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