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Ready for adventure, June 2017

June, 2017

Julia Passamani, business development manager and digital strategist, reads and writes to slow down and decompress. Just as her Dad, Mom and Grandma read with her, she shares childhood classics with her boys. She recounts passing long notes with grade school friends before text messages. Julia hid her diary from her brother and sister for years before she double majored in English and Computer Applications. Also back in the day, she edited and wrote for her college newspaper.

Julia made more lifelong friends as a risk consultant in a business professional world. To satisfy her obsession with rewriting, she soon transitioned to a role in communication and marketing. Fast forward to 2020, she's grateful to work from home in Chicago, near extended family. They now embrace comfy clothes even for Zoom meetings.

Julia and her family appreciate healthcare workers, first responders, essential workers, and other global heroes, especially during the pandemic. They cherish their extraordinary Our Lady of Mount Carmel Academy community. Albeit some parental nudges, Julia's boys now journal at home. The youngest wrote for Thanksgiving how he thanks each of his family members. "[He] walks with his Mom and plays football with [his] Dad and brother. [He] practices patience with his Mom who's just learning to spiral throw the ball."

Supportive family and friends help Julia lean into inevitable uncertainty and moments of frustration, stress, and chaos. She sometimes stays up late or wakes early to read and write. Blog Her and Scary Mommy syndicated Julia's posts. She wrote several editorials that Chicago Tribune op-ed page printed in addition to content for Neighborhood Parents' Network (NPN). Her posts have been included 24 times on ChicagoNow's monthly Best Post lists since the blog began in 2013.  She published a children's book with a dear college friend.

Julia's parents lead as people for others, lifelong readers and editors. And, they spoil the grandkids with love.

August, 2016

August, 2016

Julia thanks all her kind and smart colleagues, including the ChicagoNow writing community. Reader, thank you for stopping by! You may contact Julia by email.

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