This Halloween, we shall stay safe, reflect & do better

Bruce Springsteen’s new song “Ghost” from his album, “A Letter to You” soothes our hurting world. Bruce inspires, “I hear the sound of your guitar. Coming in from the mystic far the stone and the gravel in your voice come in my dreams and I rejoice.” We can reflect, act, do better.

Bruce acknowledges pain, uncomfortable anxiety and depression. This 2020, meltdowns may rage. So much is beyond our control as we are all vulnerable. We continue to stay home a lot. We acknowledge the angst and discomfort.

We pause to reflect, plan and follow the process. We may get distracted, but return to our task at hand to exceed goals and measure success. We try to control our reaction to extenuating circumstances.

When the noise gets loud, we move and listen to CDC guidelines. We try to eat balanced meals. Our boys get extra nutrients with smoothies. We try not to get down when we don’t. We lean into the festive time of year and natural beauty around us.

Our boys woke up early last week. Thanks to their school Our Lady of Mount Carmel Academy administration’s planning, we picked up pumpkins early as part of the room parent drop off to bring them a safe fall fest.

Pre Low Key & Safe Fall Fest

Early for Low Key & Safe Fall Fest

We feel grief and pray for loved ones who endure it and struggle with illness. Bruce Springsteen’s lyrics comfort us. “It’s your ghost moving through the night.  Spirit filled with light. I need, need you by my side. Your love and I’m alive.”ivoted

Our priest’s sermon reminds us to be the leader on a personal level our world needs. We remind our boys to be kind. We try to lead with our own tender and compassionate example, which includes self-care.

Just as Bruce Springsteen still releases new music at 71, we channel our family creativity. My husband and I still work from home during the pandemic. My husband, the tenor with operatic training who cantors for our church, sings when he’s not on conference calls. He helps our boys with art projects and football.

To try to embrace the colder temperatures and less daylight, we ordered flannel bedding for my husband and me and the kids’ bunkbeds. I light scented candles to be cozy. I stock up on them as gifts from Ravensgoods, a woman owned small business in Chicago

We refocus, listen. We plan and we vote!football

This 2020, we face competing priorities. To make progress, we talk about goals, make lists, schedule, review and adjust as needed. We set intentions to stay safe and do our best.

Best wishes for a safe Halloween and season! XOXO

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