We grieve, empathize & listen this end of school year

Profound teachable moments among world events overshadow Coronavirus news, risks, and fleeting frustrations of home learning. Today, our boys grieve the horrific death of George Floyd and so many other victims of racial injustice and police brutality. We offer our deepest condolences to the families of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and countless others. We pause as we commit to learn and give more. As Lady Gaga’s commencement address suggests, we believe in the seeds our children plant for the future. Our world will thrive with kindness. As this school years ends, we vow to help eradicate racism through reflection and action.

We focus on the greater good to heal and work toward justice for all, which includes police reform. We listen with compassion. We believe in and support the rule of law, which means all people and organizations are accountable to the law to be equally enforced.

Last week of school

Last week of school

My husband and I answer questions from our outraged boys over police brutality. Our boys hurt for George Floyd’s family, his lost life and opportunities. This end of the school year, our hearts continue to break.

We mourn the loss of loved ones impacted with the Covid-19 virus and any illness during this time of social distancing. We empathize with those who suffer from inequality. We acknowledge the oppressed of every race.

Among this complicated and chaotic time, we listen with compassion to how others feel. We pause.

Our boys miss their school community at Our Lady of Mount Carmel in Chicago. They try to process how our world feels.

We still feel grateful for the opportunity to wonder at flocks of geese. As the clouds sprinkle our horizon like lace over the bright sun, we hope and pray. Tall strong trees help ground us with our values for justice.

Neighbor geese

Neighbor geese


The wisdom and goodness of our school community, justice system, dear friends, family, and strangers, help anchor us. We thank all the honorable law enforcement service people and justice system representatives.

We support leaders who advocate for necessary systemic reforms to improve accountability and access to equality and justice. Our resilient people of the United States shall vote this fall. Our world will unite to grow, reconcile our wrongs, and collaborate better.

We work toward a safer and more peaceful future. We speak up for others. We commit to continue learning, be kind, and present. As this school year ends, we strive to embody our faith of love, mercy, and justice. XOXO


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