Ode to COVID-19, Coronavirus!

Ode to COVID-19, Coronavirus!
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Life-threatening, enemy of socialization and economic prosperity, COVID-19. You deprive small businesses and short-term markets, you sly, mean virus that force isolation. Loyal investors prove this will pass.

We practice social distance. We miss grandparents, extended family, friends, school choir and mass. We work from home as a family in coexistence. We shake off the occasional meltdown in lockdown with love.

Pre-home school

Pre-home school

We follow common sense precautions to wash our hands often. We adjust to our new reality with less transitions, traffic and lines. Social media help us cling to school’s morning routine of pledge and prayer.

We must protect the vulnerable and search for the undiscoverable. We admire those who do well by doing good with class.

We look forward to in-person meetings, faith gatherings, family swim, soccer games, play dates and parties clammering. Together, we will triumph as one stronger people of the world!

Saint Patrick, Saint Joseph and Saint Corona, pray for us!

Big thanks to first responders, doctors, nurses, teachers and service people. Our boys’ school, Our Lady of Mount Carmel, help reinforce structure with lesson plans, teacher streaming, online chat, daily Facebook prayer and pledge posts.

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