Back-to-school summer musings

We excavated “summer goals” buried under folders, gym clothes, Pokemon cards, and paper air planes from one of our boy’s school bags toward the end of the 2019 school year. Our boy wanted to reconnect with old friends, scheduled to visit from other time zones, make new buddies, and read more. I humbly cringe at some recent Mom failures and lessons learned. We can always improve, but our boys made progress toward their goals. Sometimes we burn both figurative ends with work and play until our hearts palpitate with exhaustion, stress, and gratitude, but we refocus as the school year is upon us!

Peace & love, yo! June 2019

Peace & love, yo! June 2019

Our boys spent time with many of their friends, including at tonight’s school meet-and-greet that also helped us stock up on gently used uniform clothes. Friends and family help us grow and can fill our hearts with joy. We also grieve for some loved ones who recently passed away. We cherish sweet memories. Change remains constant as we welcome new babies, teachers, and friends into our community. We hope to visit with more friends this quarter.

July 2019

July 2019

We try to remain focused with a positive outlook and attitude to be productive, but still aware to appreciate fleeting magical moments such as swimming at the beach and local pool. When recent emotions and feelings ran high, one of the boys and I embarked on a park adventure. Our son encouraged me to totally immerse myself in the water and embrace their game, “Sharks and Minnows.” When we dried off, we walked around the track and noticed the soft breeze and fluffy clouds laced with sunlight before dusk. 

Meanwhile, realities of our uncertain life can be unsettling, but our boys’ excitement often prevails. Their joy triumphs with the seemingly ordinary we may be fortunate to experience. They exclaim, “I was born for this day. Epic!”

Now, we shift toward setting new school year goals. We give thanks for fun with cousins, aunts, uncles, parents, grandparents, siblings, friends, teachers and look forward to future visits! We bookend most days as the boys and I take turns reading pages of the classic Charlie and the Chocolate Factory now that they finished the oldie, The Cay; Demon Dentist; and Gangsta Granny. My summer reads include The Power of Now; The Gown; The Lighthouse Keeper’s Daughter; and The Other Americans: A Novel.

Epic, 2019!

Epic, August 2019!

Best wishes for learning and growth this back-to-school season! XOXO

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