Top 10 ways of taking a break for family summer fun

Top 10 ways of taking a break for family summer fun

August means lots of coffee, conference calls and gelato trips with the boys. Did you know,  August is also “Admit You’re Happy Month” and “Family Fun Month”? I was a little overwhelmed yesterday morning and watched the magical “Happy” song video, again (Pharell Williams, November, 2013).

MUST ride with an adult (he's top young regardless)

MUST ride with an adult                              (he’s too young regardless)

That “Happy” song transforms everyone from my 65-year-old parents to my toddler boys. We start to move when we hear the beat.

If you watch the music video, listen to the words or see it on Despicable Me 2, it’s about getting outside yourself to be happy. Go for a walk, cuddle a loved one and do whatever you need to do.

To admit I’m happy this August, I give thanks to my loving family and friends in addition to smart, positive and inspirational co-workers.

To honor what I just learned is “Family Fun Month”, here’s our top 10 family fun summer list. You see it’s a work in progress…

  1. We’ve had more gelato and ice cream trips than I can count with every family member, including my Mom and sis.
  2. We swim outdoors at our local pool and lake at my in-laws’ in Wisconsin.
  3. Even our 18-month old now proudly climbs up slides.
  4. We’re grateful to also have paddled a canoe at my in-laws lake home.
  5. Both our sweet toddler boys earned their skinned knees with brave wipe-outs at the park.
  6. The boys experienced their first lemonade stand that they understood thanks to one of the neighbor girls, $1 a cup is going rate now…
  7. We still want to roast marshmallows and build smores with chocolate and graham crackers…
  8. I hope to bury someone from their shoulders to their toes in the sand…
  9. We’ve visited the library lots, finished camp and get to now enjoy some traditional spontaneous summertime being…
  10. We laid down and looked up at the sky to watch 4th of July fireworks with the cousins.

It’s easy to loose ourselves in all the noise, I dare you to join in admit you’re happy…

Last, but not least — we especially remember Robin Williams (ChicagoNow storify posts). May he rest in peace. And, we strive to be kind to everyone…

How do you take a break for summer fun?

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