April is national poetry month

April is national poetry month
Our Master of Ceremonies

April is national poetry month. Everyone was at my Mom’s last annual poetry slam. We recited our favorite poets such as W.B. Yeats, Walt Whitman and Langston Hughes. We travelled through time to the seventeenth century and also learned why good fences make good neighbors.

Poets of every age

Poets of every age

My Mom, who studied poetry her whole life, was our amazing master of ceremonies. She shared a witty and educational background for each poem. Her warm and welcoming presence made everyone feel comfortable as they read.

Friends and family of every age listened to tales and adventures of elephants, unicorns, wizards, baseball players and mothers.┬áThe poetry readings ranged from famous authors to original works of art. They reflected everyone’s unique story such as a friend who was adopted as a child.

We clapped, cried and laughed. We gave several standing ovations. Best of all, we sang and we danced!

There was no excuse not to be there! We celebrated four birthdays and one anniversary. Our dear friend dedicated a love poem to her groom of almost forty years. He ran over to give her a kiss and warm embrace as soon as she finished.

Do not fret if you have not yet observed National Poetry Month! Search on-line for poetry with topics near and dear to your heart to enjoy a few. You may email them to a friend or read them aloud to your friends and family.

Our little boys love poetry. My Mom taught our toddler his first poem. We add lots of inflection and animation. Our three-year-old and one-year-old boys both love rhymes.

What’s your favorite poem?

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