Easter scavenger hunt family ideas

Easter scavenger hunt family ideas
Check where you peek, and say "hello" when people or mail arrive.

The innocence of watching little ones experience their first scavenger hunt is the the sweetest joy. It can be a blast to hunt outside, but inside is contained for extended family to watch and avoid any Easter weekend weather complication. My Mom introduced this idea last year for our then two-year-old who loved it.

Look under Grandma's chair pillow

Look under Grandma’s chair pillow

Scavenger hunt clues naturally depend on your family ages and interests, but this was fun for us. Why not try your own? You can rhyme them if you wish…

  1. Happy 2014 Easter scavenger hunt.
  2. Check where you peek, and say “hello” when people or mail arrive.
  3. Hooray! Now look under the table where the keys rest to drive.
  4. Good job! Take a peek under the pillow on Grandma’s favorite chair.
  5. One more clue: before the baby gate, look down at the first stair.
  6. The more eggs you find, the more treats for later. Now, look inside your Thomas toy box.
  7. Yipee! Where does your baby brother nap?
  8. Another clue… What does Grandpa wear on his feet to keep them warm?
  9. Ok. Look in Daddy’s pocket.
  10. Way to go! The blue egg is under the couch.
  11. You’re finding a lot of eggs. Look inside Auntie Maggie’s purse.
  12. One more clue. Look inside the high chair where your baby brother eats.

    Look in Daddy's pocket

    Look in Daddy’s pocket

  13. To earn all your Easter scavenger hunt basket treats…
  14.  Count the number of eggs you collected.

There’s lots of Easter egg fun from decorating them to assigning each person a color egg to find without the clues. You may also use glow-in-the-dark paint to hunt for eggs on Easter Saturday. You decide if there’s candy in each egg station or simply a clue to the next egg.

If you use real eggs, be sure to map it out for yourself so you don’t find any stinky eggs days, weeks or months later.

A little sugar goes a long way. ChicagoNow blogger Parenting Without a Parachute shares Easter tips to minimize sweets and clutter.

I’d love to read about your Easter scavenger hunt adventures in the comments…

Happy Easter!

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