Breast pumping: The horror of a wardrobe malfunction

I love snuggling our almost four-month-old when I breast feed him, but it’s not fun to pump at work. Can you imagne the wardrobe malfunctions?

Milk jugs!

Milk jugs!

The challenges sometimes start before I lug my breast pump machine to the basement of my downtown Chicago office building to our corporate “Mother’s room”. There are a couple of curtained stations for us Moms to sit down and plug in our machines to squeeze milk from our breasts for our little ones to eat when we’re apart.

Below are a few of my recent uh-oh moments.

Topless at work. I forgot to button my dress after I pumped at work when I rushed up 20 floors for a conference call. When I got back to my desk, I realized why no one made eye contact with me in the elevator…

Intervention. I breast fed our little one in a room full of mourners at a memorial service last week. Two of the men, who work for the funeral home, offered me a private room for family where I could “help the baby.”

Leakage. I wore a solid colored silk blouse to work recently. I was at a meeting when I started to feel milk dripping down my stomach. I started to shiver as the air conditioning blasted. I couldn’t bring myself to look down until I escaped to the elevator (by myself this time) with a legal pad over my top as I went to my desk for a sweater.

Logistical challenges. To make sure you have all the details covered for supplies and milk storage requires a lot of planning. A hotel stored frozen milk for me when I travelled for work. I was beside myself when they told me they lost the milk. All was found!

As a mother of two boys I’ve breast fed, I’m pretty much over feeling awkward about it… I always wear a big scarf to quickly cover up while I feed our sweet little one. I do my best to be discreet anywhere from a confessional booth during mass where there is total privacy to the Chicago Art Institute.

Any pump at work tales of your own? Best wishes for whatever is best for you and yours! XO

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