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Cook County Judge strips mother of parental rights due to not being vaccinated

We often hear of judges legislating from the bench, but Cook County Judge James Shapiro has now decided that Rebecca FirlitĀ is no longer fit to be a parent because she has not been vaccinated, thus deciding to practice medicine from the bench. Understand that it was not the father who brought this complaint. Apparently, Judge... Read more »

When the Delta Variant lands big in the US, remember it's a Special Kind of Stupid that will accept the lockdowns and masks

It’s coming. We have been warned. California is already insisting its subjects — er, citizens– must mask up again. Countries around the world are in a panic. It’s curfews and restrictions and masking and closings and lockdowns. What is coming that is so bad? It’s the Delta Variant of Covid-19. It was formally the “Indian... Read more »

Make A Wish Foundation is granting wishes only to the fully vaccinated.

Imagine your child has a terminal illness and has a wish to visit Disney Land or meet a famous actor or ride in a race car or sing on stage and you contact Richard Davis, CEO, Make A Wish Foundation and he happily tells you that your child’s wish can be granted — if your... Read more »