When the Delta Variant lands big in the US, remember it's a Special Kind of Stupid that will accept the lockdowns and masks

It’s coming.

We have been warned.

California is already insisting its subjects — er, citizens– must mask up again. Countries around the world are in a panic. It’s curfews and restrictions and masking and closings and lockdowns.

What is coming that is so bad?

It’s the Delta Variant of Covid-19. It was formally the “Indian Variant” of Covid-19, but in the name of Wokeness (another illness altogether) it was renamed so as not to offend East Indians and confused Native Americans.

Right now, the cases of Covid are low in the US. Same as last summer. In August the cases will begin a trajectory upwards, just as they did late last summer and last fall. Most of these cases will be the brand new Delta Variant.

The Especially Stupid will heed the calls for lockdowns and masks and social distancing. Business will have to restrict capacity, schools will close and big events wills will be canceled. All in the name of “safety.”

So how deadly is the Delta Variant?

It’s raging across England and the rest of the UK. Are hospitals overrun? Bodies piling up? People flopping over in the street?

No. No. And, no.

None of it.

Here are the facts on the dreaded Delta Variant for Ireland and the rest of the UK.

Those most likely to be afflicted by the Delta Variant are those triple-masked people already infected with a special kind of stupid.

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