Make A Wish Foundation is granting wishes only to the fully vaccinated.

Imagine your child has a terminal illness and has a wish to visit Disney Land or meet a famous actor or ride in a race car or sing on stage and you contact Richard Davis, CEO, Make A Wish Foundation and he happily tells you that your child’s wish can be granted — if your child and you and other family members are two weeks past the last vaccine shot.

If not, take your wishes elsewhere.

In the name of safety, Davis and Make A Wish are going to only grant that last wish if your child based on his and his organizations rendering of CDC guidelines.

“We’ve approached this responsibility with a focus and diligence for your families health and safety,” CEO Richard Davis says in a newly released video


In what world?

Imagine this conversations between Richard Davis, CEO, Make A Wish Foundation and Johnny’s parents:

Davis: We were happy we could grant Johnny’s wish

Parents: We got Johnny vaxxed. And we are too.

Davis: Has it been two weeks?

Parents: Yes.

Davis: Fantastic. Johnny can have his wish fulfilled.

Parents: Johnny died a week ago.

Davis: At least he was protected from Covid.

What kind of world is it that a dying child must fall victim to the insane safetyism of terrified adults?

This is psychosis.

I’m embarrassed that this POS has my same name, Richard Davis

He truly is a dick.

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