These Illinois Politicians Got a Vaccine while your Granny did not

Got an elderly loved one in a nursing home you haven’t seen in person since last March?   Maybe you are thinking that once a vaccine is available and they receive it things will change?

It might.

But your granny is going to have to wait in line behind your favorite Illinois politician, who just plowed to the front of that line in the name of “government continuity.”   Lord knows we need our Congressfolks healthy and rosy-cheeked to pass along $600 crumbs to their constituents.

Here are the reported Illinois politicians who shoved granny off her walker to get the jab:


 U.S. Senator Tammy Duckworth and U.S. Representatives Sean Casten, Lauren Underwood, Jesús García, Bill Foster and Robin Kelly.

We now know that those over seventy years of age are most vulnerable, so keeping that in mind here are the ages of  some of your granny-shoving Illinois politicians:

Duckworth is 52. Casten is 49. Underwood is just 34,

Let’s give them the benefit of the doubt.  Perhaps they have comorbidities.  Perhaps they lied about their ages?  Perhaps they have loved ones at home they are concerned about?   Perhaps they are sure that they are that important to the continuation of our Republic that these politicians got a vaccine for our sakes.  Got the jab for the people, don’t ‘cha know.

We know how they demonstrate their concern.  They support closing business, declare entire swaths of the population “non-essential”,  allow illegal aliens to collect $1800 in Covid emergency payments, and give the American citizen, whose lives they are complicit in destroying, $600 for their Marie Antoinette Cake Fund.

As for granny, what are a few more months of isolation and possible death from Covid when the likes of  Sean Casten has a country to run?

Merry Christmas, granny.  It may be your last, but at least our politicians will be healthy.

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