Goodbye, Columbus statues. Now for the street signs.

Chicago mayors are gaining fame for late-night tactical strikes to impose their will against the governed.

Mayor Richard M. Daley famously put his double XX signature on the runways at the Meig’s Field Airport and thus canceled this popular airport.  Meig’s Field became an early Cancel Culture victim.  Richie Daley, a woke visionary.  Who woulda thunk?

Current Chicago Mayor, Lori Lightfoot comes with woke credentials, and she is making sure that it’s recognized during her term.  Last night, Lightfoot removed not one but two statues of Christopher Columbus, one near Grant Park and a smaller statue on the near west side. Two Columbus statues in one strike.  Take that, Richie!

First, the wokesters came for Columbus, but how soon will it be before they recognize that the grid-pattern streets they are marching through are named after white slave owners or privileged dead white guys?  Will the woke recognition come marching down Washtington Blvd?  Down Jefferson Street? Up and over on Polk?  Breaking windows on Adams or Van Buren?

Speaking of the name Daley, Daley Plaza has to go.  It was named after Mayor Richard J. Daley, who is famous for many things, but among them his order during the 1968 riots to “shoot-to-kill.”  Many of those protesting were African American.

Goodbye, Columbus.  Goodbye dead white guy street names.  Goodbye, Daley.  The mayor wants you gone, you’re gone.  Matters not that it is not the will of the governed.

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