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Goodbye, Columbus statues. Now for the street signs.

Chicago mayors are gaining fame for late-night tactical strikes to impose their will against the governed. Mayor Richard M. Daley famously put his double XX signature on the runways at the Meig’s Field Airport and thus canceled this popular airport.  Meig’s Field became an early Cancel Culture victim.  Richie Daley, a woke visionary.  Who woulda... Read more »

Where was "Mom" Lightfoot last night to turn the car around and send the "kids" home?

Where is “Mom” Lightfoot? Last night,  July 17, 2020, throngs of protesters assembled in Grant Park to try to tear down the statue of Christopher Columbus with “Mom” Lightfoot nowhere to be seen.    They were not successful in toppling the statue, but there were clashes with police. According to Block Club Chicago: Police said... Read more »