What's so funny about 30 young guys walking into a bar?

What's so funny about 30 young guys walking into a bar?
Is this the new normal?



Punchline?  Wait, it’s coming,

The other night a friend and I were at a favorite haunt and in walked about thirty young guys all about thirty years old.  They gave each other bro-hugs and took seats at tables that had been pushed together.  They were laughing and having a good time.  What they were — an aging high school football team? frat brothers?  kindergarten reunion from the all-boys school?- we couldn’t guess.

There was one thing about them though.  Out of the thirty young men, about 25 of them were overweight.  Not grossly obese, but tubby and racing to blubbery.

I have had my own weight problems so I am not criticizing that — I’m making a comment on what we consider normal weight today.  When I was thirty I weighed 165lbs.  It took me quite a few years after age thirty to manage to pack on the pounds most of them were holding today.  When I looked across the room at these guys they looked like every “normal” guy on the street.

You might say that they are in a bar eating bad food and swilling beer, so what’s so shocking about their girth?  Might have a point there, but if you took a snapshot on the street the fat-to-thin ratio would probably be about the same.

After years of trying all the supposed “healthy” diets and ways of eating I finally found my way back to normal weight.  I booted the food pyramid and shattered the new “food plate” and did things differently.  I’m not going to elaborate because that’s not the point here.


The punchline here is the big waistline.  It can’t be good for the health of this country.

My friend did comment that when she sees John Candy in old films he looks, well, normal.  Like any guy on the street nowadays.   Are we that used to big?

Is there a solution?

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