Do you have the courage to be a "red hen?"

Do you have the courage to be  a "red hen?"

This is not sarcasm.

There is no hidden meaning.

I think a brave action was taken by Stephanie Wilkinson, owner of the Red Hen Restaurant, Lexington VA, for asking Sarah Huckabee-Sanders, Trump press secretary, to leave her establishment.

Brave, why?

Because she had the courage of her convictions and the convictions of her employees, who are at odds with the Trump administration’s programs.

It has become a common sight for Trump officials and –even those ordinary citizens who support Trump– to be publically harassed and driven from restaurants and other establishments, such as the Cheesecake Factory.

You know what, this is okay with me.   I support Trump in most of what he does.  He was not my first choice, but in my opinion, a much better choice than Hillary.

In fact, it would be really helpful if people who are generally in line with progressive values would take the red hen and make it a symbol of their positions, and post it as a decal on their restaurants, stores, business and organizations — even blogs and publications.  That way, I will not accidentally be a patron, and not have to put the owner in the position of asking me to leave because of what I believe and think.

This does two things.  No, three things.  It keeps the decorum at the establishment and it displays to those who don’t support the progressive agenda that they aren’t welcome and that their money won’t go to the support of that agenda.  It also does a third thing: it relieves other progressive patrons of having to rub shoulders with whom they disagree.

Do you have the courage to be a red hen?


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